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THE SOLID KITCHEN was incorporated in 1984 and started from a small company to a reputable kitchen cabinet manufacturing company. We have provided a university of specialisation in the interior fitting manufacturing and making of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, built-in cabinets, woodwork items,hardware fitting supply, renovation works for hotels, condominiums, offices and houses, restaurants, etc. for over 30 years.

In 1985, our company was awarded by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers for producing the most creative furniture. Over these years, we have made our utmost effort to produce customer-oriented kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, which has resulted in gaining the admiration and confidence of people locally and globally.

To date, our products have been exported globally, reaching countries across Europe, Asia, and the United States. achieving a sales record of 1,000,000 sets of kitchen cabinets both abroad (30%) and locally (70% in Malaysia). Staying with our mission of providing value to our customers, we have started adopting and incorporating online technologies to assist customers in their journey of designing their dream kitchens.

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